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Shhh, Dirty Little Secrets!

Shhh, Dirty Little Secrets!

© Copyright 2009

by Dahni

Most of us grew familiar with the telling of and the hearing of, little secrets when we were children. As we grew older, we became acquainted with Dirty Little Secrets. The latter phrase is often associated with such things as “getting the goods on,” and even “getting the dirt on,” someone.

Those dirty little secrets are often gossip and their primary purpose is to reveal what has been concealed ; to expose the hidden things that are not intended to be known by others, for whatever reasons.

Now I am not referring here to all the corruption that seems to be running rampant in the USA presently when the title of this post, ‘Dirty Little Secrets.’ was with digital pen and paper put down. I do feel for my brother and others that live in the State of Illinois, as Dirty Little Secrets embarrassed a whole state and impeached a governor. I live in a state where our previous governor resigned in disgrace over Dirty Little Secrets.’ I am not talking about the Dirty Little Secrets of Wall Street and our own government which has produced the present economic crisis, which has affected the entire world.

The cause of most of all that is greed and lack of moral fiber. The producers of our present calamity, all had their Dirty Little Secrets.’ Much is either out in the open or is coming to light. But many are so bold now, they don’t care if we know their Dirty Little Secrets, they seem bent on continuing their corrupt practices anyway.

I must admit that the title of this work may have arrested your attention and corruption like this may make you mad, and the present economic crisis might have you worried, but the Dirty Little Secrets I want to share here, just might make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

Dirty Little Secrets began as a series in another of my blogs, ‘Dahni – Just Imagine.’ It has expanded; it needed its own home. And it is looking more and more like it is leading to a full-length book. Publication is the direction I would like to take this.

Dirty Little Secrets are a series of things I have learned and experienced over the course of my lifetime. Heretofore, they might have been useful for only playing Trivia Pursuit, to a contestant on Jeopardy, or filler material if I was ever going to write an autobiography. 🙂

It was not until a short time ago that all these Dirty Little Secrets seemed to be connected to each other! They are all relevant to the times in which we live.

Dirty Little Secrets began with my own question: Why are so many of us so seemly obsessed with dirt, and specifically, getting rid of dirt? In looking for the answers, I also found that all of us have an affinity or an attraction to dirt!

This sounds so contradictory. Do we love to hate dirt or is it that we hate to love dirt? When this is complete, we will all understand our attraction to dirt!

Each dirt clod here (call them chapters), is a Dirty Little Secret. Once they are all revealed, together they become plural or Dirty Little Secrets.

The purpose of Dirty Little Secrets is to help all of us to become healthy, wealthy and wise. To understand the wealthy part, there are three words I need to lay down here: cost, expense and investment. To define these, I will use the analogy of purchasing a book.

If you buy a single book for yourself, the cost you pay is whatever the price is for the book.

Let’s suppose your friend would also like a copy with a promise to pay you for it later. Your personal copy of the book is a cost. The price you pay for your friend’s copy is an expense because it is an asset. As long as it is in your possession it remains an asset until it is paid for by your friend, you sell it or it becomes a loss.

If you purchase 3 or more copies with the purpose of selling them and making money, your purchase is an investment. An investment is what I intend Dirty Little Secrets to be for you!

If I was in my car and just took off on some journey with no specific destination in mind, who knows how long it would take and where I was when I got there, since I had no idea where I was going in the first place. Well finally it ended and I ended up exactly where I was. 🙂

Then all of a sudden I discover a road map! WOW, with that I could see where I had been. I could track where I started and where I ended. In the future, I could with this same road map, find better, faster and more efficient ways to get from point A to point B. I could perhaps avoid hazards, detours and troubles of all sorts, which could affect every aspect of my health, mentally, emotionally and physically. If this map saves me time, and money and improves the quality of my life, then the road map becomes an investment which could help me to become, healthy, wealthy and wise. If I share these, they could do the same for others. This is precisely what Dirty Little Secrets intends to do!

I believe that not understanding and applying these Dirty Little Secrets is perhaps the greatest crisis in the world; in our day and time, and to each of us personally!

Let us begin our search for these Dirty Little Secrets.

It all begins with a vacuum cleaner? Huh? What the…


Dirty Dahni

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