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Chapter 1

March 29, 2009

Chapter 1


Dirt Sucks – Part 1

© Copyright 2009
by Dahni

I must admit that the title of this blog may have arrested your attention and corruption may make you mad, and the present economic crisis might have you worried, but the Dirty Little Secrets’‘ I want to share here might make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

It begins with a vacuum cleaner? Huh? What the…


Hang on; I know you are wondering, now where’s he going with this? Relax; there are pitchers I mean pictures OK? Okey Dokey.

Please note: On this trip I’m taking you on, we are going to go back and forth; up and down. So strap yourself in and hold on tight. For those suffering from motion sickness…


…You might want to take something now!


vacuum1Well I do, I use to sell both of these brands and door-to-door too. As a salesperson, part of my job was to demonstrate these products in potential customer’s homes and businesses.

I’ll never forget one of these demonstrations and it relates to Dirty Little Secrets.’

Right before vacuum cleaners there was area rugs and then wall-to-wall carpeting. Before that, wood floors and tile floors. Before that, why there was dirt floors of course. Somebody came up with a broom to sweep the floor of its dirt. Some even found that they could use the broom to clean the dirt out of the area rugs.

The method went something like this. One would hang their rug over a clothesline and beat the dirt out of the rug. Very soon, special beater brooms were invented.

Many people that could afford them had beautiful oriental rugs. For one thing, these were too heavy and too large for most people to pick up and hang over a clothesline. Considering the price of these wool rugs, beating them with a common broom was, well, ‘common.’ For another, there eventually was some ’sticky’ dirt that beating just would not remove. A new industry was born, rug washing.

Service trucks would arrive at your home or business, roll up your rugs and haul them away to the rug washing plants.

Now this might be shocking as the British would say, but you might not believe what they did to those rugs! Cotton and wool are natural fibers and they have one thing in common, they shrink. Most people know this and most people believe that it is hot water that causes them to shrink. Actually it is not the heat, but how long it takes for these fibers to dry, which causes them to shrink. If your wool carpet is worth anything, it may shrink as much as 10%.

But anyway, right after vacuuming the dirt, the first thing the rug washers did was to put the rugs into an extremely hot bath with some added soap or cleaning agent. They would suspend the soil, agitate the fibers to release more dirt, let them soak, rinse and then wring out the water. This sounds like a washing machine.

After all this was done, the rugs were hung and placed into rooms which would control the humidity, which is what prevented undue shrinkage. After they were completely dry, they were rolled up, placed on trucks and delivered back to the customer.

But when wall to wall carpeting was developed, this presented a whole new set of problems and required a whole new set of solutions.

You cannot easily uninstall wall to wall carpeting to be taken to the rug washer’s place of business. Stuff had to be developed to be able to clean our dirt out of stuff on site, at our home or place of business.

Fast forward to vacuum cleaners and me trying to sell them.

First I would let them clean their rug with their cleaner until they were sure it was clean. Then I would run over the same area with their model vacuum cleaner another 10-15 times, to be triple-sure it was clean. I carried a lot of white 4″ X 4″ squares of white thin cloths. I would place it in my model and run over about 2-3 times, in the same area they were convinced was cleaned with their model. Then I would lay the now ‘dirty’ cloth on top of their carpet. Then we did the same thing with a piece of upholstered furniture, like a sofa or a chair, again leaving the dirty cloth right on top of their furniture. I would explain to them, “My Mama always told me to put things back where I found them.” 🙂

The last demonstration I usually sweated over, especially if it was with a married woman, because I had to get her into her bedroom. 🙂

Once there, we would clean a section of her mattress with her model followed by mine and leaving another ‘Dirty’ cloth from my model on her mattress.

People everywhere became almost obsessed with dirt and particularly in getting rid of it. I was taught this technique back in the day. Please insert whatever name is appropriate to the following saying about this Dirty Little Secret:

“Now Mrs. Jones, It is one thing to be walking on the dirt (carpet). It is another thing to sit on it (furniture), but it is an entirely different thing to lay on it (sleep on the dirt from your mattress)!”

Dirt, dust, soil etc. was the point to all these demonstrations. Most everyone change their sheets at least once a week. As we sleep or lie in bed, our body temperature rises under the covers and we perspire. Our skin cells slough off as new skin cells replace them. These are natural processes and part of our body’s ‘cleaning system’ to remove toxins and poisons. The moisture evaporates and all this debris gets ground to a powder, as we repeatedly move around in the bed. It eventually passes through the sheets, mattress cover and gets trapped inside the mattress itself. Because of this and for health reasons alone, it is unlawful to sell used mattresses and pillows in the United States.

Imagine having a cold or the flu. It is theoretically possible to actually re-infect yourself with your own germs.

While we sleep, we perspire and as such, our pores are open and it is highly possible and quite probable, to make ourselves sick again, from our own dirt.

Invest (don’t buy), the best cleaner you can find. It will make your stuff last longer and make your home a more healthy place to breathe and live. You might just be giving yourself a pay-raise, live healthier and maybe even longer, Oh ye wise person you. Now that’s a Dirty Little Secret,’ but wait, there’s more!

WOW, this stuff is really getting dirty! We are not done. There is much more to come and more Dirty Little Secretsto share next time.


Dirty Dahni

Chapter 2

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