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Chapter 3

March 29, 2009

Chapter 3


Dirty Little Kids

© Copyright 2009
by Dahni

We don’t want the dirt to be seen. We don’t want to be ‘dirty‘ and we don’t want our children dirty either. What’s up with that? How did we get there from where we once were?

Flashback to your childhood.

dirtykids1 Remember when it was ‘cool to play in the dirt, make mud pies and shoot, some of us even ate dirt?

We had a ball; we had a blast! We ran inside screaming with ecstasy, covered with dirt and to the horror of the big folks.

I can still hear them yelling at me, “March mister, into the bathroom, NOW!”


Why were they freaking out over dirt? Now just in case you think adults don’t still revel in dirt, think again. With adults, it’s adult dirt or even ‘Professional Dirt.’ Many adults spend a lot of money on mud masks and mud baths, but that’s different, right? Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet producer really uses ‘Professional Dirt‘ to test the cleaning of their products.

WOW, this stuff is really getting dirty! We are not done. There is much more to come and more Dirty Little Secrets to share next time.








Dirty Dahni

Chapter 4

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