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Chapter 15

March 30, 2009

Chapter 15


Dirty Little Secrets of the Heart

© Copyright 2009
by Dahni

It just happens that by course, this chapter was written on Valentines Day, February 14th and it is appropriate.

We have looked at our obsession with dirt and particularly its removal. We have looked at soil from many different perspectives. We have seen that basically we come from dirt and therefore we are dirt. We have looked at four parts of pH with one more final part to come following here. Again, we have an affinity for dirt because basically that is what we are made from. So therefore, so would be the heart.


Physically, this organ, this pump, this complex and powerful muscle is about the size of a clenched fist. It is highly efficient under normal and optimum conditions. It distributes our blood to all parts of our bodies. The blood contains nutrients to feed our body, antibodies to protect us from some foreign invasion and a host of chemicals. Our entire body could be summed up as a series of electrical-chemical reactions.

Philosophers and poets have referred to the heart as a metaphor, a figure of speech to describe the seat or house of the soul or our unique personalities. The physical heart could be called the seat or the house of our physical body. There is a relationship between the heart-soul, the mind, or call it our unique personality, with that of our heart-body. The brain would be the organ of physical perception and this soul or mind, would be the organ of mental perception. Each are dependent upon nutrients which directly or indirectly produce chemicals necessary for life.

We have seen that even stress can alter our physical health. This happens when chemicals ordinarily produced are not and others not ordinary produced, are. We have seen that pH is a factor in this as well. We are what we ingest or absorb and we are what we think.




Our relationship with plants are supposed to be symbiotic. From them we receive nutrients and oxygen. As we exhale we give off carbon dioxide (CO2), which the plant needs along with what it receives from the sun, water and the soil, soil with which we have this affinity or relationship with. Life is a series of timely and complex chemicals reactions. So it is of sickness which is death in part. Sickness or death is the consequence of chemical reactions.

Many of us when we were born received either a physician’s coaxing slap or a tickle to encourage us to take our first breath. The stimuli sends signals to the brain and chemical reactions occur. Pain or pleasure is a series of chemical reactions.

Some mothers troubled with nursing their newborn babes were encouraged to relax or even consume a moderate amount of alcohol for the ‘let down effect’ to release milk. Both of these methods to produce the same thing are a series of chemical reactions.

Some women immediately following the delivery of the child have experienced ‘postpartum depression.’ This is a chemical reaction whether it is mentally or physically induced.

Pheromones attract and repel and they are chemical reactions. There are some people which seem to be addicted to the high emotional feelings of ‘falling in love.’ When the newness wears off they seem incapable of maintaining a normal relationship and move on to more.

Some people for example are really afraid of dogs and many dogs pick up on these chemicals which are produced and secreted through the skin and are angry or afraid of the person. It has been suggested that these individuals have some sort of chemical imbalance.

Manic depression is an inordinate chemical imbalance which is most often treated with another chemical, or simple salt known as Lithium.

The list and examples of chemical reactions would be almost endless.  I am confident there are many more which are  going on at this very moment, in each of us that has yet to be discovered and understood. But whatever they are, it is primarily the heart that distributes these chemicals by way of the blood.





This Dirty Little Secret is that the heart truly is the seat of our physical and mental lives, for it carries and distributes chemicals. If we have nutrient deficiency or excessive toxins ingested or absorbed, there will be a change in our pH and we will not be in balance. The circle of dirt continues, we cannot escape the dirt.

WOW, this stuff is really getting dirty! We are not done. There is much more to come and more Dirty Little Secrets to share next time.






Dirty Dahni

Chapter 16

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