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Chapter 23

March 30, 2009

Chapter 23


Dirty Little Secrets of Mother Nature – Part 3

© Copyright 2009
by Dahni



By Dahni

She will push up from the soil

She the hand of beauteous and wonderdrous things

She will feed the planet with her bounty

She will in conception bring forth the living thing

She will replenish, perserve and protect

She will send forth fountain sweet for drink

She will fill the lungs with purity

She as unclothed; naked and unashamed

She is the desire of the nations, a fertile and willing lover

She is mother to us all, but

She onced angered, will set loose the whirlwind

She will grind the stones and bones to dust

She will let loose the deafening cry

She will blind the mind and eye with madness

She will erupt, boil and burn

She will choke and plague

She as a woman in labor and travail will wail

She will deliver the unholy thing

She will spew from her lips the poison she is given

She will rain it down, this acid and melt the poison

She will correct her balance with violence

She will not cease until peace and balance comes again

She an empath – a loving or vengeful Mother

She a metaphor of a loving God and Father

We have rejected

And brought forth the wrath we made ourselves


From the collection: ‘Letters from Earth’ © 2006

by the same author




Beautiful & Balanced Mother Nature

   How have we come to such a two edged sword?


   WOW, this stuff is really getting dirty! We are not done. There is much more to come and more Dirty Little Secrets to share next time.


Dirty Dahni

Chapter 24 (coming soon)

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  1. douglas34 permalink
    March 30, 2009 5:32 pm

    very nice post

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