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My Dirt

It’s MeDirty Dahni

Gender: Male

 Business: Product & Service Broker

 Occupation: Imagineer and dirt digger, dirt clod collector

 Location: Rochester, NY United States

 Interests: Making dreams comes true

 Favorite Music: Nitty, Gritty Dirt Band, Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Classic Rock n’ Roll, some New Country, and anything new, raw and cutting edge

About me: My wife Susan and I are owners of several businesses. I am also an artist, composer, poet, photographer, and a writer. I am a perpetual student of life and people. I love working with and hanging out with, children and open-minded adults.

 A note on my writing: I am a former investigative reporter and published journalist. I am very versed in the proper protocols of conducting research, citing and documenting sources and the rules of journalism for print. Although my every entry in this blog, do reflect my beliefs, they should be taken as editorials and not as straight reporting of the facts. Any reference given is solely for the purpose that the reader may explore other material and not merely to document my sources and to verify my positions with outside sources. However, were appropriate, sources are cited here and quotations (“”), are used where appropriate. 

“No, I am NOT
…I may be on a first name basis with,
but I’m NOT as old as dirt.”

Dirty Dahni

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